LAVENDELGÅRDEN was earlier a traditional Swedish farm where cattle used to be grazing. 

Today it is a beautiful garden with lots of plants, ponds with crayfish and small waterfalls. The garden is located on the southside of Linderödsåsen, in Scania.

In the garden you can enjoy the quietness and stroll around among the flower-beds, trees and bushes.

Hopefully you will find new ideas for your own garden.
The garden is private and we are always working with new projects.

The location in the centre of Scania, in a landscape with different kinds of beautiful nature, you are close to Brösarps backar, Forsakarl and "Söderåsens Nationalpark".

Nature-lovers and birdwatchers can find places like Krankesjön (Bittern, Black tern and Spotted crake), Fyledalen (eagles and sometime Black stork), Fjällmossen (Pygmee owl) and Vombs ängar (lots of geese) nearby. Excursions can be arranged.

You can also visit an old country shop at Önneköp. In Hörby you can find an interesting country shop museum.

Hope you will enjoy your stay in Sweden. You are always welcome with questions. I will try to help you if possible. My name is Åsa Malmgren and I am the owner of the garden.


Welcome to Sweden